Accidental Peace


By accident,

I have a moment to myself.

He is not here,

nor I there,

and no one is banging on the door.

Suddenly my small home

seems a cathedral,

and the silence


I tiptoe,

careful not to break

the holy suspension

that grants me this moment’s



3 thoughts on “Accidental Peace

  1. I sympathize. I too know what it’s like to suffer undue stress from someone that’s supposed to garner affection, and how their every absence becomes a moment of sanctuary.

    On a more technical note…

    I’m verrrrry inexperienced with poetry and know nothing about form/technique/whatever you learn in a poetry class.

    Out of curiosity, how do you decide between, say splitting up a sentence over lines:

    “By accident,
    I have a moment to myself”

    As opposed to:

    “By accident, I have a moment to myself.”

    I’ve observed this technique through many poems, though I don’t know the logic guiding when/how to break up lines. Is it just writer’s instinct? Or is it a more formalized process?

    • Hello, thank you for reading and for commenting. I wish I had a solid reason to explain the line breaks in my poems. It is something I have also observed in poetry, and I suppose I liked the way it made me read the poem. To me, the line breaks draw attention to certain words which can help control the meaning of the poem or give emphasis where desired. It can also help control the meter because it can affect the fluidity of the poem’s “sentence structure.” I hope that makes sense even moderately… Thank you, again!

      • Hmm…. This does help me understand it better, though I’m still lacking on actual terminology for poetry like meter. Oh well, I suppose I could just learn through experience. I got two short stories to write… one I’m doing soon, the other I don’t feel so much like doing soon, so I think I’ll give it a shot in between.

        Thanks for answering!

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