The night that autumn blew away


The day before was the most colorful October I can remember.
The color of the sun had penetrated every leaf
And some were even on fire.

At night the trees were lit from within and emerged like spirits from their shadows.
Golden lanterns of reminiscent daylight made holes in the darkness
And even the silver moon changed hue.

The silvery chill in the air was the only clue that winter was coming.
The rest was like an endless sunset, a lingering goodbye
To the warmth of summer.

Last night these tiny gold and scarlet embers began to quake and float away like sparks.
They flew by faster and faster and never landed
And the conflagration grew in the sky.

The winter wind passed through the houses and took the warmth from every room.
Screaming through the vents and billowing from the attic
She came furiously from the north.

Morning must have waited for the storm to pass because the darkness roared forever
Until suddenly a quiet glow seeped through the cracks
And crawled across the floor

The rising sun could not bring light back to the skeleton trees.
The colors had vanished and lay in dying piles
To wither and decay.

Drifts of autumn stacked against the sides of houses and all the crooked fences.
Months blew away in just one night, and
We were left in the wake.


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