Watch Me


Watch me while I write this song.
Don’t look away or you’ll miss the part where I
It’s magnificent.
Does the rise and fall of my chest have you throbbing yet?
Now watch me turn this page.
I’ll linger as I wet my thumb but don’t blink yet,
I’m not nearly done.
Are you wondering what I’m thinking?
You should be.
I’m only thinking so you can
Watch me.
Watch me while I sleep.
Don’t you wonder if I’m dreaming about you?
I’m not.
I’m trying to undo this cyclical sickness and learn
In my dreams
To love myself.
To find a comfortable vanity.
To preserve my feeble sanity.
To be alone.
Watch me give up on romance.
And pardon me while I become
Self involved.
I need to watch myself evolve
Into a singularity.

5 thoughts on “Watch Me

  1. It’s funny in a way, your words connect me to you somehow, I feel that we are kindred spirits separated by time and space. Your writing is emotionally intense and conveys depth as I have only seen sporadically. Beautiful Maggie…I am now a devout fan.

    • Wow – you have made me blush! Thank you so, so much. I am going back to your blog this second as I feel a kindred-spiritness also. I just made up a word. Neat. Thank you, again! More to come I hope. Feel free to friend me on Facebook! 

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