Oh my son, I’ve dreamt you again.
You’re thin as this sleep but let me hold you
My little egg shell child.
Does it hurt anymore when you fade away?
I’m sorry
To make you say goodbye so often.
What is it they say
About mothers letting go?
They can’t.
I never held my dream in real arms.
Real arms, no
But I held you and I hold you still
In fragile visions that feel like memories.
Oh my son, to have memories

29 thoughts on “Unborn

  1. wow! this is a very moving piece; I’m so glad you went to the trouble of commenting on my blog else I would never have discovered this.

  2. and thanks btw for following my blog. I have another poem tomorrow — a real strange one — I hope you drop by and leave a comment. I have added you to my short ‘List Of Favourites’

    • Thank you! Sometimes the poems just fall out, and sometimes it’s a slow, oozing process that takes days. This is one of those that just fell out… Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. I looked at the date of your post and had to read on. Gratefully my preemie born on January 11th lived. There were times I thought he wouldn’t but he was really very large for a preemie and somehow fought on. I’d say I could imagine how you feel but I really can’t. No one can unless like some of the people above they’ve been there. Thank you for sharing, your poetry is beautiful and brave and well-crafted.

  4. I came to read poetry of a poet I had not read before.
    I am leaving, knowing I will return often. This poem
    speaks to me on a personal level. I lost my son when
    he was grown. I am thankful for the beauty of his time
    as I know you cherish the bonds between you and your
    son. Loss is such a painful process but eventually the scar
    becomes thee strongest part of the skin. I am so sorry
    for your loss..

    I read several of your poems and each one moves me
    is a spectacular way. You have an extraordinary talent.

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