Horse Creek Reservoir

We built a fire next to horse creek reservoir
The frozen water bubbling with dormant life and summer secrets
And we stared into growing flames and apologized
Without speaking
For letting the fire ever go out
Both of us wishing we had burned alive
Instead of drowning on the periphery
Of greatness

By morning I was alone trying to light the ashes
Trying to reanimate even a spark on the cold mountain sand
But the time had passed for such forgiveness
And I wept
For twice as long as I burned
Until my memory of you sank deep in the water
Dormant for as long as this
winter lasts

7 thoughts on “Horse Creek Reservoir

  1. at least we were spiders with no legs until they put us in the ocean! *L* Glad to see you’re posting again. šŸ™‚

  2. Excellent and poignant piece. Yes…indeed…our musings have seemingly collided in this great echo of the universe. My poem, “Goodbye Beneath the Redwoods” touches on that same piercing sense of utter loss. Great write, my friend.

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