My Love I Love to Listen

I love the way your tongue limps over consonants
But lingers idly on some
Is it linguistics that makes your love
Is there a cathedral behind your lips
That no one can see
Is it the Irish Sea I hear in your whisper
Come closer
Let’s get lost in translation and I’ll taste what I can’t understand
The details just don’t matter
I heard love
That L that limps forward on your palate like the
Liffey limps toward Dublin Bay
The O that’s as soft and hollow as the
Crypts at Clonmacnoise
The V that vibrates on your lips like the tender hum of
Spirits ten thousand years old
And an E
As silent as the fields of Athenry
Sweet sound, let me swallow your meaning
And I’ll never be hungry again

34 thoughts on “My Love I Love to Listen

  1. “The V that vibrates on your lips like the tender hum of
    Spirits ten thousand years old”
    Maggie, there are certain accents that carry a singular, mysterious charm… an ancient history… untold stories… I get that enchanted feeling when I watch the elves in Lord of the Rings…

  2. OMG….This was sooooo beautiful. I am Irish and have been there so I know the places that you speak of. What a wonderful idea for a poem. You have lifted my heart…Thank you.

    • Thank you so much. Language has always been a limitless source of beauty for me, but the Irish accent is just so deliciously sensuous and lovely that even simple words sound like the best of music and poetry combined. Thank you, again, for reading and commenting!

  3. hello beautiful! See you’re lost in deep thought (looking at the picture right side). You know I just realized the eye doctor, who gave me a hug before I left her office a couple weeks ago, resembles you only with dark hair. But you’re prettier! šŸ™‚

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